Had a Dispatch Date with Lee Min Ho, Here’s the Facts About Yeonwoo Ex Momoland

The South Korean entertainment world is so successful that it is famous all over the world, from K-Pop to K-Drama. South Korean Entertainment also has its own paparazzi term, which is Dispatch Korea. Recently, K-Pop and K-Drama fans were shocked by rumors of an idol date due to the appearance of a photo of Lee Min Ho who was seen dating a woman known as Yeonwoo Momoland on the Korean Dispatch Instagram account. Aigo! So it’s an international heartbreaking day, Yeorobun, if you know Oppa Lee Min Ho already has a boyfriend. For those of you who are curious about Lee Min Ho’s ‘girlfriend’, here are the facts about Yeonwoo, a former member of Momoland. Keep scrolling!

Former Member of Momoland

Yeonwoo Momoland
img: instagram.com/koreadispatch

Yeon Woo is a K-Pop idol whose real name is Lee Da Bin who was born in Seoul, South Korea on August 1, 1996. Yeon Woo is actively pursuing a career as a singer and actress under the agency MLD Entertainment. Yeon Woo was known through her debut in the group Momoland in November 2016. Before debuting, Yeon Woo followed a survival show on Mnet entitled “Finding Momoland” and managed to reach the fifth position to finally debut in the group of 7 people as a rapper and visual. In 2017, Momoland added 2 new members, namely Daisy and Taeha. However, in 2019 Yeon Woo decided to leave the group and focus on a career in the world of acting.

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Actively Starring Drama

Yeonwoo Momoland
img: instagram.com/koreadispatch

Yeon Woo made her debut as an actress while still joining the group Momoland. Her first drama was Tempted which aired in 2018. The drama also starred Joy Red Velvet, Moon Ga Young, Woo Do Hwan, and Kim Min Jae. In this drama, Yeon Woo becomes a supporting character who plays Kwon Yeo Min.

After her debut drama, Yeon Woo began to often get offers to play in other dramas, one of which is Pegasus Market (2019). In this drama, Yeon Woo plays the role of Kwon Ji Na who is the son of Kwon Yeong Goo, a Director of Dae Ma Group.

The next drama starring Yeon Woo is Touch (2020). Yeon Woo plays the role of a friend of the main character, namely Jung Yoon Ah who works as a broadcast jockey for mukbang and makeup shows. The character matches the real life of Yeon Woo who is always in front of the camera.

The fourth drama starring Yeon Woo is Alice (2020), where in this drama Yeon Woo plays the role of Yoon Tae Yoon, the younger brother of the main character. Yeon Woo’s acting is getting better and more popular with drakor lovers.

In her fifth drama, Live On (2020), Yeon Woo plays a schoolboy who follows a broadcasting excuse. Yeon Woo’s role in this drama is as Kang Jae Yi who has a cheerful and spoiled character. Very excited, deh Yeon Woo’s role here!

Yeon Woo’s sixth drama is Cheat On Me If You Can (2020). Yeon Woo plays a student named Go Mi Rae who has a quiet and innocent personality, but has many things she hides. Yeon Woo’s acting in this drama deserves a thumbs up because the character she plays is different from the drama she played before.

Yeon Woo’s last drama is Dali and Cocky Prince which will air on September 22, 2021. The drama tells the story of an unexpected love affair between a thief and the owner of an item in the Museum. In this drama Yeon Woo plays the role of Ahn Chak Hee, a daughter of an Assembly member. Can’t wait, see this beautiful Eonni acting!

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Having a Relationship with Lee Min Ho

Yeonwoo Momoland
img: instagram.com/koreadispatch

The thing that is hotly talked about among K-Pop and K-Drama fans is the relationship between Lee Min Ho and Yeon Woo because on August 30, 2021, the Korean Dispatch released a photo of the two celebrating Yeon Woo’s birthday together. This handsome Oppa car is also seen being parked in the basement to pick up Yeon Woo to enjoy a movie date. It is rumored that their relationship has been going on for 5 months. 

However, Lee Min Ho’s agency denied the dating rumors and said they were just friends. The agency confirmed that they did go together, but not just the two of them, but other friends.

Duh, I’m confused. Are they actually dating or not? If Oppa Lee Min Ho is single, there is still a chance for Marsha. What do you think, Yeorobun?