4 Top International School Jakarta With Best Curriculums To Consider

In education, the curriculum is one of the keys to learning and teaching. It encompasses the guideline of every teaching material and method to provide for the learner. For international school Jakarta, the existence of a curriculum makes the institution favored for its ability to provide the best education. What is the best place in Jakarta? here are some of them.

School Recommendation In Jakarta

  1. Global Sevilla School Jakarta

Global Sevilla school Jakarta is one of the best international education institutions modern and smart parents need to pick. It is not only the popularity, but the curriculums used in the school have shown the professionality of the school itself. The school offers varying education levels, from Preschool to high school.

What makes Global Sevilla in this list is the curricula. The school signifies a different curriculum on every level. The youngest students of preschool and kindergarten will learn with IEYC, the best young learner curriculum. At primary school, there is IPC and Cambridge. The secondary school also has varying Cambridge tests and education, including the national curriculum for the national test.

  1. ACG School Jakarta Selatan

ACG international school Jakarta comes second with its education level starting from kindergarten to 13 years old education. This school also provides various international curricula, including the International Baccalaureate and Cambridge. With the curricula, the school promotes conceptual learning focusing on communication and adding coherence to it.

  1. Singapura International School

Singapura international school or also known as SIS Bona Vista is also on top of the list. This is a school that made its branches in three different countries, offering seven branches to offers. One unique thing that makes SIS worth is its education method that blends Singapore’s education methodology and Cambridge curriculum for their learners.

  1. Australian International School

AIS or Australian international schools are found in Jakarta and Bali. The international school Jakarta is one of the best with its education standard using the International Baccalaureate curriculum. The curriculum helps the school to introduce the most current education approach and varying innovative ideas in using eco-friendly technology during its learning and teaching process.

As mentioned on the list, Global Sevilla is one of the best international schools in Jakarta. The institution has its list of international curriculums (Cambridge, IPC, IEYC, and Nationals), which means the school is ready to give the best education and learning material with international standards. That is why parents should pick Global Sevilla School for the children’s better future.